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4 Reasons Why Your Office 365 Roll Out Will Be Seen As A Failure

4 reasons why your Office 365 roll out will be seen as a failure

Most large New Zealand businesses have already embarked on their journey to the cloud and more specifically, Office 365. And, like many technology projects that preceded it, there are project teams scratching their heads.

Wondering why nothing has changed.

Wondering why ‘the business’ are still moaning and griping about the same old things.

Here’s 4 reasons why:

#1 The move to Office 365 was a pure technical play

Most organisations start with moving their Mailbox (Exchange) data to Exchange Online. It is simply no longer cost effective any other way these days.

They stop there, boasting that they are now ‘in the cloud’.

Sadly, a knock on effect of this is that users believe the myth that Office 365 is just ‘Word and Email’ and a whole heap of other Apps that no one has heard of.

#2 Not getting external experts in soon enough

Most large Australasian organisations have large IT teams. But those teams, only know what’s going on, in their particular organisation. Bringing in external expertise when in matters can help organisations understand what the platform is capable of and more importantly how other organisations have done well / not so well.

#3 No one has actually explained what is in Office 365 to the business

From Employee engagement to policy searches,  I am yet to meet a business where a Senior Leader could not be helped with at least one ‘out of the box’ Office 365 feature.

#4 Zero / Zilch / Sweet F.A Change Management

That’s right. No one has sat down and really worked out ways to help the users change those nasty habits that they have for the ‘greater good’. Unless you can show your users the benefits of modern collaboration tools, you will struggle to ‘ween them off’ legacy tools and applications.

Need Help?

Brighter Days help transform workplace productivity for large New Zealand organisations.  If you need help planning your Office 365 roll out, then we would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch us using the details on our contact page.

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