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Brighter Days – 5 Things We Achieved In 2018

Brighter Days – 5 Things we achieved in 2018

As the calendar year closes, I wanted to share some of our accomplishments at Brighter Days in 2018.

It has been an exhausting, exciting (and thought provoking) year in many ways.

Before I get going, A massive thank you to the team at Brighter Days who without their candour, intelligence and thought leadership; none of the below would have been possible without them.

Here are my 5 top highlights:

#1 We clearly defined our values and purpose

As we entered our second financial year of trading, it was important to me that we matured as a business and really started to define what we do; and importantly who for. We settled on the following:

Why: A Simpler day

 Our Purpose: We help transform workplace productivity for large New Zealand businesses by leveraging their investment in Office 365.

Our Values

·     Agile

·     Intuitive

·     Savvy

·     Straightforward

We also redesigned the Brighter Days website to reflect the new values and purpose.

 #2 We launched Solar Workplace (our Office 365 ‘Intranet in a box’)

Earlier this year we launched Solar Workplace

Helping clients realise the business value of Office 365 and SharePoint is something I have continually strived for since I arrived in NZ.

We will always do (some form of) customisation for large organisations but when I launched Brighter Days, I was adamant we needed to produce a ‘pre-built’ solution that:

·     Tell clients what they need in an Intranet (not the other way round)

·     Leverages Office 365’s core capabilities

·     Is cost effective

·     Continually improves over time

·     Is ideally suited to organisations that want an Intranet but don’t have the inclination or capacity to support in-house.

In the second half of this year, we deployed Solar to our first clients, and we have a number of others that will be following suit in 2019.

#3 We went ‘All in’ on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams transforms the way we work. End of story.

In March this year, we ditched our file shares and decided that Microsoft Teams would be we store information and documents.

We haven’t looked back.

Email traffic is pretty much non-existent (We have a fine system in place!) and we can find documents and conversations with ease.

When will you be ‘cutting over?’

#4 We learnt even more about Office 365 user adoption

As I have mentioned in previous posts, by working on partnership with our customers this year we developed a simple yet effective model that ensures users learn to love Office 365 as much as we do.

How you might ask?

We will be telling you more about our O.R.B.I.T process in 2019

 #5 We worked with more fantastic clients

One thing that I cannot sign off without saying is THANK YOU to each and every person I have worked with this year. We could not do what we do without you and we are extremely lucky at Brighter Days to work with clients that value what we do and make us better every day.

Catch-Up in the new year?

If you want to know more about any of the things I have mentioned above or simply want to catch-up in the new year, feel free to book an appointment.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lee Stevens

Principal | Brighter Days

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