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Get COVID-19 Compliant. 

You can utilise your existing Office 365 Infrastructure to provide a simple and effective method to track where Staff have worked from and with whom.

A number of our existing clients have partnered with Brighter Days to deploy a Power Platform based solution that includes a mobile app and central admin hub with export function.

The solution is easily editable and deployed within 2 hours, no additional Office 365 licensing is required.

It is a simple, but effective solution to meet the need for tracking people as we move to COVID-19 Level 3 then Level 2.



What we will need

  • You will set up a new Office 365 Account called ‘Power Apps Service Account’
  • This account will need the following
    • SharePoint Admin Role
    • Teams Admin (just in case) Role
    • Power Apps, Power Automate and SharePoint Licences assigned
  • Brighter Days to create a new SharePoint site called ‘Your Company Power Apps’ that will be used to store the data (via SharePoint list)
  • Brighter Days to deploy the Current we have and then make changes (if required) on a T&M basis



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