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Digital Workplace Predictions | What Large Companies Will Be Doing In 2019

Digital Workplace Predictions | What large companies will be doing in 2019

Yes I know, I know, yearly wildly inaccurate predictions are meant to be done in January.

However, this week, I was really pleased to hear that I have been confirmed as a speaker at the Digital Workplace Conference. As part of my submission, one of the things I was asked to do was give some predictions for what NZ companies will be doing with Office 365 and Digital Workplaces in 2019. So here goes.

#1 Do Nothing

Sadly, like previous years, many organisations won’t do anything.

They will procrastinate, over think, over plan and over complicate potential usage of Office 365 and a Digital Workplace.

Lots of long, expensive documents will be written. Nothing done.

Sadly, Inefficient business process and tools will remain; costing organisations thousands of dollars in lost time.

Don’t be THAT organisation!

#2 Shared Drives will start to disappear

As organisations begin to fully understand and leverage Microsoft Teams, the obvious question will be ‘why do we need a Shared Drive?’

Note: 90% of most user cases won’t need a shared drive. There will always be some instances where these have to remain.

#3 Rapid Intranet Deployments

Early this year, Nielsen reported, that the average Intranet deployment takes 14 Months.

Really? In 2019?

This average time will reduce again this year.  My guess that is NZ and Australia it will be half this.

(12 Weeks is our record so far. 10 of those weeks were the business deciding things!)

Large organisations are already starting to go with the impressive ‘out of the box’ features in Office 365, such as Communication Sites as well as larger ‘pre-built’ solutions, that offer an ‘Intranet in a box’ and accelerators.

Why would you build something ‘from scratch’ these days?

My tip here: Deliver high value, low effort items; little and often.

#4 Extensions for Microsoft Teams will start to appear

Microsoft Teams offers a completely new way of working for organisations but probably provides around 80% of what the business needs in most cases.

With a little bit of extra work, you can get this to 95%.

By building extensions for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint organisations will start to WANT to use the Office 365 platform as they can see a direct business problem it helps solve.

These will be both functional extensions (example creating a Project Register, Project Teams Templates etc) and Technical extensions (Deployment, Management tools etc).

Disclaimer: Brighter Days have already started building our catalogue of Office 365 and SharePoint Products.!

#5 User Adoption, User Adoption, User Adoption

What do we use?




With the smorgasbord of applications that are available in Office 365, it is vital that you ensure users can both see the value in using new tools as well as knowing how to use them.

At the same time, failure to manage change in the business will mean that users go back to their horrible old ways of working and annoyingly lose faith in the Office 365 platform.

How often have you heard someone say, ‘we tried SharePoint 5 years ago, it was horrible!’.

A little tip.

Make sure you have help (and budget) in managing this change from those that have been there before.

Guessing is a luxury you do not have.


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