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Facebook Advertising – Creepy Or Creative?

Facebook Advertising – Creepy or Creative?

Are Facebook Ads Creepy or Creative? As marketeers you can use the plethora of information that Facebook captures from its users, to your advantage.

Facebook knows a lot about us. A hell of a lot in fact. It gains insights from a combination of sources. The main ones being the following:

  • – Profile – Information the user has consciously added to their account
  • – Activity – Information the user has provided in the form of previous Posts, Likes and Shares
  • – Friends – Information from what the user’s network is doing
  • – Devices – Your location (using GPS), device (mobile or laptop), browser etc


Whereas some consumers find this a huge breach of their privacy, others find receiving advertisements that are highly targeted and based on their interests refreshing.

From an advertisers perspective, Facebook, as a channel, offers a huge opportunity for marketers to achieve different types of marketing objectives. I have attached here a list of all of the Filters that you can use. I hope you find this useful (and don’t get too freaked out!)

If you would like to discuss some of the options you have for Facebook advertising, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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