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Microsoft Teams | Voice Calling Options In New Zealand

Microsoft Teams | Voice Calling options in New Zealand

Are you looking to use Microsoft Teams (instead of the ‘going to be retired at some stage’ Skype for Business?)

Up until about 4 months ago, there was no Enterprise Voice capability in Teams, meaning that a Hybrid On-Premises / Cloud solution was the only way to go.

However, as we know, things change quickly in Office 365 and New Zealand!

So what are your Microsoft Teams / Voice calling options now?

  • Telesmart – In December, Telesmart became the first provider in New Zealand to deliver cloud calling for Microsoft Teams, using its infrastructure and rapid deployment cloud model. The system enables external voice connectivity from within Teams’ collaborative work flow environment, enhancing existing functionality.
  • Kordia – In Kordia unveiled direct routing for Microsoft Teams in New Zealand, aimed at allowing customers to access voice and video calling through Office 365. Furthermore, the service can be initiated within 15 minutes with existing enterprise phone numbers ported to the cloud platform ensuring customer continuity.

I am sure many other options will follow, but these seem like a good start for now.

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