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The Fear Of Change In Modern Business

The fear of change in modern business

Simon Sinek posted on LinkedIn last week the following quote:

“To affect change inside an organization we must remember why people resist change. People don’t fear change, people like comfort. The status quo is more comfortable than the unknown”

Do you look around your organisation and see colleagues in positions of authority but are fearful?

Fearful of losing that much sought after management role, so they play it safe as ‘there is no room for failure in this organisation’.

They don’t rock the boat and stick with what they have as it works for now and easier.

So they do nothing / next to nothing.

What they should fear is that modern, savvy business leaders are realising maintaining the status quo and ‘sticking to your knitting’ is literally costing their organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the 1940’s The ‘Time and Motion’ team at General Motors would time how long it takes to complete each task with a stopwatch in search of the ‘easier way’.

They were onto something.

Meanwhile, a generation of tech-savvy, digital native, super communicators is emerging behind those senior managers.

The upstarts WILL find a way to make change happen.

Your managers shouldn’t fear change. They should fear NOT changing.

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