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Focus on users, not tech for better business outcomes.


Putting user needs, thoughts and behaviours at the centre of your technology design process will ensure alignment across the business. It helps you to identify quick wins for the business and to build and deploy only the elements you need.

With over 30 years collective experience, the team at Brighter Days is well versed in leading the Analysis and Design phase. We use our expertise, experience and IP, to reduce your build complexity and time.

We’ve outlined the keys steps to our process below:

Trend Analysis


What is it?

  • Presentation(s) regarding Application, Collaboration, Intranet and Communication trends.
  • Examples of what other organisations are doing in New Zealand and Austalia
  • Explains how senior leaders now communicate with modern tools
  • Examples of emerging technologies and likely future usage

Note: This session speeds up the requirements process significantly and generally means any build can be aligned to organisational business goals.

Who needs to be involved?

  • Leadership team / Project sponsors
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Operational leads
  • Intended Project Team Members
Business Workshops


What we do?

  • Multiple x 2 Hour interactive sessions with relevant different business units (Sales, Marketing HR, Finance, Operations, IT etc)
  • For each business unit, we will understand (with a collaboration focus):
    • What they do
    • Audiences and Stakeholders they engage and interact with
    • Current Tools , Techniques and Processes used
    • Issues and Challenges and needs
  • All meeting notes are collated in mindmaps and shared with teams after the meeting
  • All clear requirements are documented as User Stories

Who needs to be involved?

  • Operational team members
  • Team leads / Heads of department
Information Architecture


What we do?

Brighter Days will:

  • Design a ‘high level site structure / system architecture from both a technical and user perspective
  • Identify which tools / systems should be used and for what purpose (i.e Office 365, SharePoint, Custom Development etc)
  • Define a logical user navigation (Levels 1-3)

Who needs to be involved?

  • Input from Functional Intranet owner(s)
  • Input from business units in regards to content
UX Design


What we do?

To visualise the solution, Brighter Days will:

  • Plot the likely user journeys on the tool
  • Create mockups / wireframes for Home Page, Landing page and Content Pages etc
  • Create ‘High fidelity’ (concept) designs for Home Page, Landing Page and Content Page
  • Provide guidance around branding and themes

Note: Additional designs can be provided (if required) for additional cost

Who needs to be involved?

  • Input from Marketing and Communications
  • Input from Functional Intranet owner(s)
Documentation and Pricing


Brighter Days will compile our findings into an easy to read document that can be used (if needed) to write a business case for future ‘build’ work. This will include:

  • User Stories (Requirements)
  • Key Issues identified (Both business and technical)
  • Potential solutions and benefits
  • IA
  • Designs
  • Suggested Costs / Effort / Approach for the build
Stakeholder Validation


What we do

Brighter Days present back to the respective stakeholders to validate our findings, to date and suggested approach.

Who needs to be involved?

  • Leadership team / Project sponsors to attend
  • Marketing and Communications to attend
  • Intended Project Team Members to attend

We provide both packaged and custom solutions using the following tools and technologies.


Enterprise productivity


For Communication, Collaboration and Records Management


Our Office 365 Digital Workplace


Microsoft’s developer platform


Cloud hosting


We're happy talking strategy or tech. Get in touch with any questions, today.

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