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Your simpler, friendlier workplace.


Find - engage - collaborate

Solar is a new breed of digital workplace that supports increased engagement and improved workplace productivity.

Unlike expensive custom solutions, Solar’s search, communications, and team collaboration tools combine simply and seamlessly on a single user-friendly platform. Solar’s modular approach means that you can tailor your toolkit and be ready for rollout in as little as four weeks. Discover:

  • A happier, more engaged workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Better leverage of your investment in Office 365
  • Local product, local support


Less search, more find.

Document and personnel search are frequently-cited frustrations of traditional intranets. Solar’s enhanced search capability will reduce user search time by up to 95%. What took minutes, can now take seconds.


We’re on the same page.

Solar’s communications features enable you to share important information, gain feedback and provide social opportunities for your workforce – wherever they may be.


Improve engagement and productivity.

Solar’s user-friendly interface puts the right tools at employees’ fingertips, which encourages increased use and greater collaboration. With Solar, training, tips and demos are also simply a click away.

Download the Digital Workplace Scorecard.

Use our simple scorecard to see how you fare against digital workplace best practice.


Turns out, plenty of folks are are passionate about making work simpler and more productive for New Zealand employees. Join the Workplace Productivity NZ community and tap into tips, tools and stories around building useful digital workplaces.

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