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Getting Office 365 to ‘go live’ stage is only part of the success when improving your users daily working lives.

Change Management with Office 365 is often an afterthought and seen a ‘nice to have’ on many technology implementations; which then are seen as failures by the business.

Having a effective ‘post go live’ strategy and seeing this through offers the following benefits:

  • Driving quicker successful change – Data and our experience show that effective change management deliver faster benefits realisation to the business.
  • Handling the volume of change occurring– Given the amount of and frequency of change occurring your organisation, becoming better at implementing change is essential.
  • Reducing costs of poorly managed change– Many organisations have examples, or even a legacy, of changes that were poorly managed, did not deliver results and created stress and confusion in the organisation. Under-delivering on change is not tolerable or cost effective going forward.
  • Aligning organisational practice with organisational values– This case is particularly relevant for organisations that stress the importance and value of their people.
  • Preparing the organisation for the future– The horizon for many organisations, and even industries, includes significant changes that are necessary to remain competitive and successful.
  • Building needed internal capabilities– Change management is viewed as an essential organisational capability and individual competency for employees.

If you would like to know more about our Office 365 Change Management packages that we offer, please get in touch.


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