Brighter Days is a boutique workplace productivity consultancy focused on client-centred solutions.

We take pride in transforming workplace productivity by delivering clients solutions that result in great outcomes.

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Working with us

Brighter the better

We deliver well-thought-out solutions and top-quality services.

Our work is defined by three principles:

Focus on the Person. The end-user experience should be prioritised at all times.

Customise with Care. Leverage 'out of the box' capability as much as possible so features can be adopted easily, and solutions are stable and easy to maintain.

Take an Iterative Approach. Start small. Deliver fast and often.

Our values

Our values are the keys to our success.

Values set the standard and drive our unity, performance and accountability. We assess our actions and ideas against them daily.


Be honest and speak in a language that everyone can understand. Help people feel listened to, see value, and feel safe to make a change.


Make the complex simple and deliver practical solutions. Leverage deep knowledge, practical experience, and a keen focus on the needs of the customer’s customer.


Create natural user experiences by rigorously identifying and addressing the customer’s needs. Think two steps ahead.


Quickly and cohesively deliver effective solutions by implementing and then refining. Be prepared to pivot.

Brighter Days

Our people.

With well over a century of collective expertise building and delivering business solutions, we are New Zealand’s trusted authority for digital workplaces and business productivity.


Brighter Days

We help you create a more effective working day.

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